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Raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Njeri has called many places in Florida home, including Tallahassee as an engineering student at the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering, as well as Pensacola during several engineering internships. This long time Floridian returned home in 2009 and settled in Orlando after working for over 10 years in chemical & environmental engineering in both Louisiana & Iowa. With her focus now on business development in Central Florida, Njeri has worked as a licensed financial advisor, a licensed real estate professional, and is now co-owner of All County® Preferred Property Management. She’s managed her own properties in both Florida & Louisiana since 2003 and personally understands that owning investment properties is both rewarding and challenging. Njeri will work to ensure her owners/clients realize the maximum return on their investments.

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(321) 607-3700 Extension 102


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