Owner Testimonials

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I have found the services provided by Kym and Darryl at All County Preferred to be exceptional. They have been the most accessible agency professionals I have ever dealt with. They contact their clients repeatedly to reassure them that issues are being well managed and always follow through to ensure problems have been fully resolved. They seem to be tireless in their resolve to mitigate all problems as quickly as possible. I would recommend these professionals to anyone seeking a highly responsible management organization.

E.R. Mason

We have enjoyed our time leasing from All County Preferred; your Team has been an excellent liaison during our stay in the Phillips Landing subdivision. Your friendly emails and reminders about the property maintenance, and helping us navigate the Phillips Landing HOA were extremely helpful. We wish you the best in the future!

John & Laura B.

You guys are the best in the business with your efficient services. It's great working with you because you give us peace of mind.

The Badies, 
Irving, Texas

I have known Darryl and Njeri for a combined total of over 20 years. They are ethical, intelligent, and diligent in all their work. I am convinced you will be completely satisfied with their expertise and management of your property.

Lorie B. 
Lake Worth, FL

I was a bit skeptical of using a Management Company for my rental, but Darryl and his team at All County Preferred have been phenomenal. Communication is key with their team and they always keep me informed. They certainly have earned my business and my respect.

Pedro P Alfaya
Mims, FL

After spinning our wheels for a year and a half with another property management company, we can sincerely say that working with All County Preferred has been an absolute pleasure. They have kept us informed about the status of our property and really worked hard to get us a fair price on some replacement work we needed done. They did a great job getting our property rented to a qualified tenant quickly. We are very impressed with their team and feel that they have listened to our needs and diligently fulfilled our requests. We highly recommend the All County Preferred team and fully trust them with one of our most valuable assets.

Andy & Deb L

Thanks again to all the staff at All County Preferred. Your customer service is top notch and I appreciate all the prompt communications with all concerns I have had while dealing with all of you. Your willingness alone to help with anything is all I need to refer anyone to you guys that is looking for a home in the local area.

Joe W.

After a very bad experience with ..., I "interviewed" Darryl from All County Preferred Property Management who patiently answered many of my questions I normally wouldn`t even ask - if not cautiousness raised by a prior bad experience. After the interview, we decided to go with Darryl`s group as they sounded professional. Their managing model was what we were looking for. We do not have a very long history with them, but so far we are happy with their services and we are developing trust, which we lost in the past. We feel as they are really representing our best interest.

Halina and Joe
Philadelphia, PA

My family and I moved from Texas to Florida and we used All County Preferred Property Management. We have been very pleased with everything the team has done; they are true professionals that know how to communicate and treat people. I would recommend this management team to anyone who is looking for a home.

Terry & Wendy M.

We are so thankful for our home; we love it here and appreciate all the wonderful service All County Preferred Property Management has provided. A special thanks goes out to Kym and Darryl for all they have done for us and the kindness and help that they provided.

Ed and Wendy Spahr