Moving Day Madness

Moving day can be very stressful and overwhelming, and here at All County Preferred we want to make this experience smooth for our tenants as well as our owners. Here are some great tips for making moving day easier, as shared on;

1. Plan for help in advance – Whether you are using friends or professionals make arrangements well ahead of time.
2. Start packing well in advance – Start with decorative items that aren’t used and the closer you get to moving day the more functional items can be packed up.
3. Sell or donate items that are not coming with you – Moving is a great way to “clean house” by getting rid of unwanted clothing, kitchen items, and furniture, and it makes for less to pack and unpack!
4. Stack plates like records – Stacking plates vertically like vinyl will help prevent breakage, on that note, stack stemware upside down so that the pressure is on the wide rim and not the small stem.
5. Mark boxes by location – When you are unpacking you can put boxes in the right rooms and avoid a big pile as soon as you enter the front door once you’ve moved.
6. Photograph the back of electronics – Re-wiring is no picnic, create this visual cheat sheet for yourself to reference when you are plugging electronics into your new place.

Hopefully, these tips help make the transition from one home to another much smoother for you when moving day comes.

As always, thank you for choosing All County Preferred!